Client Loses Weight While DOUBLING Calories... 👀

When Toni first started working with Coach Massi, she wanted to “eat properly” but felt like she had no motivation and was eating only 1,000 calories.

“When I told her we needed to reverse diet and eat more food she thought I was insane LOL but she trusted the process. She's now eating double what she started and is feeling more confident than ever!” said Coach Massi.

Toni had been yo-yo dieting since she was a teenager and had spent years trying to lose weight but couldn’t figure out how to do it sustainably.

“The fact that I can honestly say I know what to eat now feels awesome. I love that I can eat the food that I really enjoy eating as long as I calculate them in MFP. This program is amazing!”

To hear her full story, check out her interview with Coach Massi on Instagram!