Can you go out to eat and still hit your fitness goals!?

Something we get asked about a LOT at DLD is…

"Is it bad to go out to eat while on my health and fitness journey"?

"Is it ok to incorporate some nights out for drinks and snacks?"

"How do I ‘make it work’ without screwing up my progress!?"

First thing’s first…

You do NOT need to cut certain foods out of your life to stay on track with your health and fitness journey and see results! 

Read that again. 

At DLDNation we are ALL about creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for you.

The thing is, if you don’t enjoy the foods you are eating and don’t allow yourself to ever eat the things you love, you probably WILL "fall off" track.

That’s why moderation is so important!

So let’s chat about the different ways to go out AND still hit your fitness goals. 

Option 1) Fit it into your macros!

If you’re a macro tracker, you know that there is a way to make ANYTHING FIT! (With a little give and take of course.)

If you have a date night, girls night, or happy hour coming up - hop into MyFitnessPal and make some estimations about what you will consume...

On the day of, log in and plug in your bar foods/drinks FIRST then build the rest of your day around it.

You may have fewer calories available for your meals throughout the day (because we know how calories dense restaurant foods & drinks can be so you’ll want to aim to make those meals HIGH VOLUME and HIGH PROTEIN to help fill you up and keep you satisfied until it’s time to go out!

Option 2) No Tracking, Mindful Choices

If you are not a macro tracker (or just don’t want to track your evening out) how can you confidently go out to eat without feeling like you "messed things up"?

Choose ~mindfully~ from the menu!

SPLITTING an appetizer.

Choosing a veggie for your side instead of Mac and cheese.

A meal with a lean protein like chicken breast.

Opting for low-calorie drinks like vodka sodas or spiked seltzer’s!

All of these small shifts in your choices can help give you peace of mind that you didn’t rack up a boatload of calories!

Option 3) Just get back on track tomorrow!

Sometimes, last-minute plans happen!

"Hey wanna go to happy hour and catch up?! It’s been 2 months since I’ve seen you!"

...All of a sudden you’ve had 4 margaritas and split a whole pizza with your BFF, macros are out the window for the day and all you can do is make the conscious choice to hit your protocols tomorrow.

You made a great memory, saw a bestie, and that’s all there is to it!

You don’t need to beat yourself up about not hitting your macros for the day. Just get right back on track tomorrow.

The biggest takeaway from this email is YES, you can go out to eat and still hit your goals/stay on track!!!

These are just 3 of many ways you can handle it.

It’s important to gauge WHEN it works for you to splurge on calories a bit or when it’s a better idea to make more mindful choices. 

Which one of these methods are you going to try on your next night out?

Reply to this email and let me know!

- Dala