Calories vs. Macros in MyFitnessPal

Today we're going to be talking about calories vs. macros in MyFitnessPal! Understanding this is key to hitting your protocols and consequently to getting results!

We'll go over why calories and macros may not match, what to do about it, and some extra accuracy tips so you can hit your protocols and ensure you're getting those gains!! 👏

Macros vs. Calories

Have you ever thought, “what do I do if I hit my macros but went over my calories?” or “what if I hit my macros but still have calories left over?” Macro goals do add up to their equal calorie goal, but MyFitnessPal and other tracking apps often confuse people when the tracking isn't “perfect.” 🤔

However, w
e are shooting for closeness, not perfection. The focus should be on tracking macros and staying within a few grams our macro targets each day, and not worrying about the reflected calories.
Why Macros May Not Match & What to Do About It

The calories displayed on labels are often rounded to a lower number (yes, this is allowed by the FDA). It's also possible that you use an entry on MFP that lists calories correctly, but not macros. Hint: this happens most with alcohol and eating out!🍷🍔

If you find that calories and macros don't match, simply focus on hitting your macros and be less concerned with your calories! Know that hitting your macros means you DID hit your calories! To view your macro totals, click "nutrition" at the bottom of your MFP diary or from the menu area, then check the nutrients tab for your macro totals.
Accuracy Tips

  • Limit the amount of packaged foods you eat - this limits the foods that could have inaccurate food labels
  • Focus on whole foods as these foods are the most accurate to track. You know the sole ingredient and can log your exact amount
  • When scanning barcodes into MFP, make sure the macros on the app match the packaging
  • When logging food, make sure the serving size on the app matches the packaging
  • Make sure to track foods how you weighed them (e.g. if you weigh chicken raw, track it raw)
By implementing these tips, you're one step closer to hitting your macros and seeing results!