Calorie Burn Isn’t All That Matters

I’m gonna be bursting some bubbles here...
See this? ☝

This is why I get bummed out when people choose not to look at their nutrition or lifestyle, but instead go around "saving" every workout from their favorite IG inspos and thinking that's enough.

"If I do these specific workouts, I'll get lean and fit like her!"⁣

Or when people have been going around FOR MONTHS saying, "I can't get fit until the gym opens back up, that's my issue.”

Let me be clear - that's not the way this works.

The calories we burn from exercise activity are actually the SMALLEST contributor to our overall TDEEs.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t bother to exercise?!⁣


Resistance training (when done correctly with tracking progressive overload and maintaining a split for at least 4 to 6 weeks) promotes strength and desired body composition changes, improves body density and insulin sensitivity, and has a number of other benefits besides being FUN and rewarding as well⁣.

"But my HR tracker says I'm burning 500-900 calories a workout! You should see my reports from OTF!"⁣

Your metabolism is so much more complex than a one-size-fits-all equation, and guess what? Not a single coach I am aware of in this industry asks for workout calories burned as part of a weekly check-in. 👊

There's a reason for that. Good coaches don't take half-assed, probably incorrect data into account when balancing the complexities of each individual's biofeedback and deciding upon their next intervention or adjustment.

So bottom line?

Exercise is good for you. Keep doing it.⁣

But understand that a 1 hour workout combined with zero macro tracking, an otherwise sedentary lifestyle, and no attention to lifestyle choices affecting recovery and metabolism isn't going to yield the astonishing results you may be expecting.

My advice 👇
◼Get 10k+ steps daily ⁣
◼Get 8+ hours of sleep⁣ every night
◼Don't calorie restrict and mess with your TEF⁣
◼Bring awareness to the many factors at play, and don't myopically get obsessed over the 5%

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