Busting the Myth on Reverse Dieting!

You’ve probably heard the term "reverse dieting" thrown around social media frequently…

But do you know how it actually works?

If not, I got you… let’s chat FACTS about this dieting method. 👇

First of all, I need to give you some important news - going on a reverse diet is NOT for immediate fat loss.


Some have heard this term and think it’s the new fad diet - an option you can try to finally lean out and hit that goal weight⁣...

The reality: a reverse diet is literally a REVERSE diet with the end goal being to completely EXIT A CALORIE DEFICIT⁣.

Therefore reverse dieting involves continually increasing your calories until you reach your non-dieting TDEE.

"So then, why is my coach recommending a reverse diet and says this is a necessary step to achieve my fat loss goals, Dala?!😫😖😭⁣"

💡Because you may not currently be in a healthy spot to diet.

Your body may be trying to protect you by utilizing adaptations to slow down your metabolism and limit your energy output.

By entering a reverse diet, your metabolic adaptations will reverse to promote an increased metabolic rate, healthy hormones, and optimal internal health...

This will help you give you increased energy, increased strength, better mood, better sleep, you'll get to eat more food, and a myriad of other amazing benefits!

Frankly, dieting ISN'T going to work well for you currently. And the more you keep trying to diet, the more your internal health could suffer, making it even harder.

So, the reverse diet is your PREP WORK for achieving your fat loss goals in the future.⁣

It IS a stepping stone on your path. 👟 ⁣

It WILL help you achieve your goals, eventually.

Reverse dieting is a process.

If your coach recommends it for you, be patient and see it through!  🙏🏻