Break up with your weekend food binge

I hear this all the time....⁣

"I don't understand why I'm not losing weight, I work out all the time!!"😩

"I eat so clean!! I think my metabolism is just slow."😔

"Yes, I track my macros! Still just nothing works for me."😡

What's actually happening: ⁣
--You’re tracking Monday-Friday afternoon⁣
--You’re working out during the week, and doing nothing on the weekend due to hangovers😂
--You’re eating clean during the week, but eating EVERYTHING on the weekends⁣

If you're not being 110% honest with yourself about your habits and what you're consuming, you're not helping yourself get any healthier.

Am I saying you literally can't have ANY FUN on the weekends if you want to see progress? ⁣

Absolutely not!

At DLDNation, we teach our clients how to have indulgent, fun meals once a week WHILE SEEING PROGRESS AND ACHIEVING FAT LOSS!!😍👏

We have 3 full pages of cheat/treat meal guidelines in our new Macro Tracking Guide, for our clients. 😊

Yes, sometimes you CAN have your cake and eat it too. 🍰

But only if you're willing to be honest with yourself and LEARN the skills for success.👍

If you finish out a week within 50 calories of your average target, you're a winner!🥇⁣

Person A finished out at 1742, and should expect to see amazing, steady progress. 📉

Person B is absolutely losing control every weekend - not tracking because they don't want to face the numbers they know are probably way off target. They've slowed themselves down to a rate of 1lb fat loss every MONTH! 😰

Being honest with yourself is the fastest way to personal development, progress ,and success in every area of your life.😊

If you were blindly going to the mall and swiping your credit card 15 times each weekend, you'd be burying yourself in debt.

Every person in your life would tell you to pull up your statements, LOOK at your money, and create a plan to avoid excessive weekend spending to protect yourself and save money. ⁣

Your health is no different!👏

If you want to learn how to ENJOY YOUR LIFE while seeing the amazing progress you can't seem to achieve on your own, click here, and let's get you started today!