Before you open this, take a deep breath

I’m going to make you uncomfortable, I hope.

I encourage you to be thoughtful and intentional when you read this. It is all in the name of growth.

Here are some intense, but worthwhile questions:

⭐ Why would someone believe in you if you refuse to believe in yourself? ⁣

⭐ How can someone love you if you won’t love yourself?⁣

⭐ Why should someone invest in you, if you refuse to invest in yourself?⁣

⭐ Why should others compliment you and show you love, if you talk about them behind their backs?⁣

⭐ Why should someone root for you, if you’re jealous and catty behind their back?⁣

⭐ How are you going to get from point A to point B if you’re too afraid to take the first step?⁣

⭐ Why would you deserve success, if you’re unwilling to put in the work?⁣

⭐ How do you acquire good friends, if you’re not a good friend yourself?⁣

⭐ How can we achieve structure in our lives, if our decisions are reckless and thoughtless?⁣

⭐ Why would you deserve acceptance if you make others feel judged?⁣

⭐ How can you become happy, if you’re constantly choosing to be sad?⁣

Maybe you dug this thought experiment, or maybe you really hated it.

If this made you mad and annoyed, maybe it’s time to look within, and figure out why you’re uncomfortable.👀

We attract into our lives what we put our into this world.🌏

And we can all grow a lot just from calling ourselves on our own shortcomings.

⁣No one is perfect: it’s a constant, lifelong goal to get better everyday, and when you’re uncomfortable, you know that’s an opportunity to grow.

I hope I made you a little uncomfortable, in a good way.  ⁣

We can all level up and get better together.👊