Are you tying your worth to your body image?

When I first started DLDNation, I honestly felt a little pressured to look a certain way and I definitely obsessed way more over my body image.

I thought that...

“as a personal trainer I HAVE to be shredded and lean year-round”

“If I don’t have the perfect body, no one will want to work with me.”

I had this false narrative that people would just want to work with me because of my physique and I put SO much pressure on myself to look a certain way.

I tied my value as a personal trainer and how good of a personal trainer I could be to what I looked like.

What I started to realize after months and months of coaching was that, my clients valued me for my compassion and support, not the way I looked.

They valued me for educating them.

They valued me for my professional expertise.

They valued me for holding space for them in the relationships that we built and they valued my ability to get them results safely and improve their health!

I started to pick up on the fact that what I looked like externally (even in the fitness industry), didn’t predict my success and it wasn’t a prerequisite to my worth and quality as a personal trainer.

On my Instagram, I used to post bikini pic after bikini pic and flexing pic to show that my body was “up to date” and still looking good. I thought that’s what I needed to be doing in order to keep getting leads and keep having people sign up with me.

After a while, I stopped leading with my physique and hiding behind my body, and I started leaning into providing value instead.

Now, if you come to my instagram page, it’ll be much more rare that you’ll find pictures of my physique, and you’ll find that everything now is educational.

It’s form tutorials, it’s infographics, it’s health and fitness tips. 💪

I shifted more into providing value to women and leading with the things that I recognized they truly appreciated in me, and NOT just my body.

My business honestly erupted when I started doing that!

I started getting shared more, women started pointing each other to my page more because I was being helpful and providing resources.

This massive beautiful AHA moment occurred...

I realized that as soon as I stopped tying my worth as an online trainer to my body image and I started conducting myself as a professional who had so much more to bring to the table in terms of educating women, THAT was actually when people wanted to work with me!

The most important takeaway from my story here is that, having “the perfect body” and “killer 6-pack” is nice and all, but at the end of the day.. It’s not what’s most important.

What IS most important is how you feel and how you want to live your life.

You don’t need to kill yourself to be shredded 365 days a year.

Work on the inside out and I promise you, people will see that and value it so much more than your body! ❤

- Dala