Are you still wondering how everyone else is doing it?

Do you ever wonder how EVERYONE ELSE does it?

How do they manage to be so productive?

How do they have so much energy?

Where does their focus and attention come from?

You know who I’m talking about… the "high functioners".

If you’ve ever looked at one of these people and thought, "gosh, I wish I was like that…" there’s good news. YOU CAN and it doesn’t take some secret magic formula to do it. There are hacks that all of these people have in common that you can start implementing in your life today.

Here are my hacks to being and staying high functioning:💪

🛏 Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. MAKE this a priority. MAKE time for it. Notice how unproductive and unmotivated you feel when you’re exhausted? Yeah, so let’s eliminate that as an issue⁣.

⏰ Batching. Check your email once a day as opposed to seven times. I batch household chores, check-in hours, food prep, and IG content creation. In nursing, we called this "clustering care," and it will absolutely eliminate wasted and inefficient hours⁣.

✍️ Writing down a to-do list & a daily priority list. I keep a running to-do list of projects to complete within the next couple weeks, as well as daily to-do lists numbered to rank priority. You can stop wondering what to do and just let the list guide you into faster action⁣.

📋Having a daily schedule. For those who need some help with time management skills, write out each hour of the day and what you intend to do with your time. Having guidelines will hold you accountable to staying on track and help you discover the extra couple hours you think you’re missing each day that you’re actually just wasting.

😍Positive self talk. Yes, I know, everyone rolls their eyes at this, but those are usually the same people who can’t get anything done because they keep talking themselves into fear, self-doubt, shame, and discouragement. For real, work on this. 👊 It’s a lot easier to believe in yourself when you love yourself⁣.

🥗Eat well and exercise. The physical state of your body dictates how hardworking you can be, in addition to affecting your mood and emotions. Think: what does my body need to be as healthy as possible? There’s likely a lot you’re cutting corners on. 😖

🥳Celebrate your wins! For real, when you get something done or do something big. Celebrate yourself with positive reinforcement. Let your brain get addicted to that feeling of pride, and seek more opportunities for success🥰

Do this for long enough and you’ll soon benefit from:

🎉Less wasted days⁣
🎉Less stagnancy⁣
🎉Faster trajectories to your goals⁣
🎉Fewer setbacks⁣
🎉An ability to finally do all the things you "don’t have time for"⁣

You can be that super-successful person you’ve always wanted to be. You just have to adjust your priorities and how you choose to use your time.

Let me know what other great things you do to be your most high-functioning self!

Let’s get to work!


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