Alcohol Tracking

What’s up party people?! Let’s talk a little bit about ALCOHOL.

Let’s be honest, if you have big fitness goals you really just shouldn’t be drinking it all that often (just keeping it real!). It provides no nutritional value, is very dehydrating, decreases your blood glucose levels causing you to crave super greasy food, and disrupts your sleep.




If you are going out and want to drink, there are ways to do this with less detrimental effects on your progress. Here are some tips for those of you who crush your macros during the week but struggle to keep it together on the weekends. 



If you’re going out, you’ve likely known about it for at least most of the day. Start your day off with a high protein meal, and eat high protein foods throughout the day. You do not want to skip out on protein for drinks. Save more carbs and/or fats for later in the night- you will use these macros in exchange for alcohol. 


Track BEFORE you head out so you know how many calories you have to play with. This is also a good time to use your cheat meal for the week!


As far as training is concerned, make sure you get to the gym before you go out that night, while staying as hydrated as possible during your workout (don't wanna get dehydrated while training and THEN start drinking and get more dehydrated. That's no fun!). Go ahead and plan for the next day to be one of your rest days. You do not want to miss a scheduled lift because of partying the night before.



Macros in various types of alcohol: 

Vodka- 66 calories

Whiskey- 64 calories

Gin- 66 calories

Red Wine- 130 calories

Or if you’re a beer person like me, Michelob Ultras are only 95 calories. 



On the rocks

Club Soda

Diet Sodas



Use natural sweeteners instead of syrups.







Alcohol is roughly 7 calories per gram. Carbs are 4 calories per gram. Fat is 9 calories per gram.

I personally use carbs to sub my alcohol (some people use fat, and some use a mixture of both).

All of these methods are totally fine. Here’s how I would track this: 


Michelob Ultra: 95 cals/4 (divide by 4 to convert into carbs). Round up to 24g of carbs. For fats, you would just divide the drink by 9 instead.  



Drink water between each drink and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Eat a full meal before you go out. Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

Chug a ton of water before you go to bed after a night out to lessen the effects the next day.


Now go party like you still have goals to crush!! 

Dala, Sean, Monika, Vanessa, & Kristy