6 Ways To Improve Your Sleep


Have you been slacking off on your full 8 hours of sleep each night? 🧐

I get it, you’re busy…

But you know what, that saying “sleep is for the weak” is actually backwards…

Sleep helps regulate your body and improves things like: cognition and mood, muscle recovery an exercise performance, cortisol/sex hormones, immune function, and digestion.

If you wanna get strong, get some good sleep!!😉

Here are 6 ways to improve your sleep:
1. Create a bedtime routine: try and wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, and implement ways to unwind before going to sleep.
2. Reduce caffeine intake: don’t exceed 300mg a day and try NOT to drink any after 12pm.
3. Get sunlight in the morning: this helps calibrate our internal clock (aka our circadian rhythm).
4. Avoid blue-light before bed: try putting devices away 1.5 hours before bed.
5. Eat enough and balanced meals + snacks: not eating enough can impact blood sugar, which in turn can impact sleep.
6. Get daily movement in: sedentary lifestyles increase inflammation which increases stress which in turn impacts sleep.

Try implementing these into your routine and start getting those 💤💤