12 Tips for a Happy Relationship 🎉

Just a few months ago, my husband Sean and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary as a married couple.

With three years under the belt, Sean has taught me the most powerful lessons about human love and interaction and the type of person I want to be.

We are by no means perfect and we both are still learning all the time.

But here's what I've learned so far:⁣

💜 Being "right" is bullshit. Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?⁣

💜 Drop your ego at the door. The more you puff out your chest, the further others drift.

💜 Say exactly what you feel. All. The. Time. Even when it's vulnerable. ESPECIALLY when it's vulnerable. Life's too short to hold back..

💜 Your partner is not your mind reader. Everything you wish to receive? Ask for it and make it known.

💜 The person who wins an argument is the person who says "I'm sorry" first⁣.

💜 Wanna make a power play in an argument? Make the other person feel validated, heard, and safe. That's your biggest move. ⁣

💜 Love is work, but it's not hard. Love doesn't hurt either⁣.

💜 You really CAN marry your best friend. And should. ⁣

💜 Keeping score is for the insecure. Don't invest time collecting ammo against your partner.

💜 Talk about everything. Obsessively. Over communicate. Then talk about it again. Communication is key for Sean and I and we wouldn't be here without it⁣.

💜 Never stop flirting. Never stop saying, "I like you" 😚.
Never stop saying, "You're so beautiful/handsome today."
Never stop googly-eyeing.
Never stop saying, "I appreciate you".
Never stop saying, "I want you."
You want the spark to last forever? Well, what are you doing about that? ⁣

💜 Remember all the cute shit you did while dating? Re-create it⁣ and make them feel special.

And that’s just to name a few of the lessons I’ve learned.

I’m still cheers-ing to DECADES of beautiful lessons and life to come with Sean, and I hope that this serves as a great reminder for you to show your partner love, acceptance, kindness, and support each and every day

Reply to this email and let me know some of the best lessons you’ve learned in your marriage or partnership. 😊

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