10 ways to STOP restricting yourself

Do you keep restricting yourself only to feel hungry, tired, and stressed? Then, you binge, and start to feel guilty for not following through, just to try and restrict your diet again? It’s a vicious cycle, and you wonder why it’s not working...⁣

If you have ever attempted a fad diet or severe calorie restriction and failed to reach your goals or maintain the results long-term, GREAT! Now you know what DOES NOT WORK!⁣

Ready to do what does work?⁣

👉 Maintain a 500 calorie deficit from Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) daily⁣
👉 Expectation of 0.7-1.2lbs weight loss weekly⁣
👉 Do no more than 2 hours a cardio a week⁣
👉 HIIT no more than twice a week, cycled off every 4-5 weeks to give CNS a break⁣
👉 Make sleep and stress management PRIORITIES⁣
👉 10k steps a day, recognize that NEAT has a larger impact on progress than even the toughest workout⁣
👉 Enjoy cheat/free/untracked meals within empowering guidelines⁣
👉 Actually learn things. Recognize that the "just tell me what to do and what to eat attitude" is why you keep failing and is a cop out...⁣
👉 Be patient and consistent above all else👏
👉 Set realistic expectations and commit to your health for 6-18 months for your learning journey.

In DLDNation, our most successful clients who change their lives FOREVER are with us 9-12 months minimum. That’s 0.83% of your lifetime.

Think your body deserves that less than one percent in exchange for allowing you to live your life to the fullest and do everything you want?⁣

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