The weather can oftentimes lead to unwanted obstacles.
Tasks like going to the gym, getting groceries, and
cooking can all feel like too much.


So how can you stay on top of your goals when
it’s cold outside? Here’s 10 TIPS that will help you
take on both the cold AND your goals! 


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  1. Set Up for Success:

    ✔ Prepare your clothes in advance.

    ✔ Set the coffee.

    ✔ Charge your headphones.

    ✔ Put your shoes by the door and gym bag packed.

    Set your car’s heat to full blast and turn on your automatic starter.


    When everything is laid out and you’ve prepared in advance, you are more inclined to follow through. 


  2. Build Accountability:

    Make plans with a workout buddy.

    If someone is going to meet you at the gym at 6 am and they’ve driven through snow to get there, you are definitely going to feel crappy if you bail on them.

    If you don’t have a gym buddy...remember who’s counting on you:

    If you don’t show up, if you bail, if you stay in bed, who loses? Who are you letting down?

    🎆 Show up for YOURSELF.
    🎆 Honor YOUR commitments. 


  3. Embrace the Challenge:

    My partner and I used to train outside regularly.

    Every weekend, no matter rain, sleet, shine, or snow... we rocked up.

    We even organized a workout crew and we all showed up for one another.

    We took the weather as another challenge to make our workouts that much more intense!



  4. Have Food Stocked and USE Your Appliances:

    If you know it’s about to get chilly out, make sure you have your go-to’s stocked in your pantry.

    Hitting your macros is part of staying on your protocols...and while you are shoveling snow or breaking a sweat, have all that food getting ready too in your crockpot/insta-pot/air fryer…literally set it and forget it!


  5. Stay Hydrated:

    Have room temp water or tea ready and waiting.

    Drinking a gallon of cold water in cold weather is going to be difficult, don’t make things harder for yourself!

    Room temp water is easier to go down and if you’re bored of that, warm tea will keep you cozy and on top of things. 


  6. Cardio:

    Shoveling your driveway is knocking out two things at once: it’s productive and it’s resistance training.

     Heyooo functional fitness!

    Throw on your layers and get to work outside…

    Remember that stew and tea will be welcoming you when you are all set! 😉


  7. Dress in Layers:

    I walk my wolves a LOT and they love the cold (husky mama here!).

    I swear by heat tech clothing.

    It’s thin so you can layer up without feeling like a bulky snowman and it will keep your core cozy.

    A warmer body is easier to move than a cold one, set yourself up for success and have a pair of these warm layers ready for you! 



  8. Vitamin D:

    Seasonal depression and lower moods are obstacles that are very hard to navigate.

    Vitamin D is obtained from sun exposure, and is vital in the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorous AND helps with the functioning of your immune system.

    Getting enough Vitamin D is important for bone and teeth development, disease resistance, and normal growth.

    Since we get most of it from the sun, especially during the winter, we tend to get less leading to symptoms like muscle weakness, depression, anxiety, lower mood, one pain, respiratory issues, lethargy, etc.

    Next time you’re at the shop, grab a bottle of this stuff and include it in your daily ritual! 🧴☀🌞


  9. Crank That Playlist:

    Music can save souls, I swear.

    Create or check into that HYPE up playlist that has you dancing and moving and feeling fiery.

    Turn up the volume, get in the mood, drive to the gym, and CRUSH your WOD! 



  10. Remember that simply GETTING to the workout will be the hardest part.

    Once you’re there, you WILL feel better.

    Once you finish, you will feel GREAT


Use these tips to beat the cold this winter and you’ll become UNSTOPPABLE on your fitness journey! 🦾