Owning Who You Are + Squashing Hate

“Your forehead is bigger than your future.”⁣

“You have too much jelly on your thighs.”⁣

“You don’t know how to dress for your body type.”⁣

“Your torso is so long, you look like you have stubs for legs.”⁣

“She’s a butter face.”⁣

Who else has been on the receiving end of comments like these? 🙋

Memory lane can be rather shocking sometimes, but even as I write this out, I can’t help but giggle. 

The secret?

It’s because I’ve tied no emotional energy to these words, let alone to the people that said them to me.⁣ 

You might be asking, “How did you manage to do that?”

Well, back when I was in college, I discovered this book called The 4 Agreements. It teaches the principle that whenever you choose to internalize something, you are saying, “I agree with this statement.”⁣ 

Whenever you take something personally, you are saying, “I agree with you.”⁣ 

And whenever you give time or energy to the things another person says, you are saying, “I agree with what you are saying.”⁣

It’s all about maximal ownership. And it begins and ends with YOU. 💣

With this principle in my mind, I began to process these comments and opinions being stated about my body, differently. I started asking myself: 

Do I agree that my body is gross?⁣ Do I agree that my face, torso, forehead, legs and thighs are all unattractive?⁣

Short answer: Of course not.

Why would I say such awful things to myself? I would never go through life believing horrible things about the body I was born with.

So why should you?⁣

You are not a sponge, floating through this life only to absorb the opinions of others.⁣ You have your own mind, and you can choose self-love anytime you’d like. It really is that simple.⁣

Unfortunately, there will always be some hate in the world. But you don’t have to bow down to it. You can make the decision TODAY to stop throwing your happiness to every stranger or keyboard warrior who comes near you.

Stand up. 

Choose to only believe things that YOU AGREE WITH! Be your own human. 👊


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