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Receive pre-tracked recipes and curated workouts from professional Nutritionists and Exercise Specialists.

Stop questioning your choices and spending hours trying to figure out meals and start reaching all your health and fitness goals now, through one simple subscription.


DLD Recipes include:

  • Protein, carbs, fats and fiber nutrition facts for each meal
  • Pre-tracked coding for easy tracking in MyFitnessPal
  • All ingredients listed
  • Detailed instructions for preparation
  • All dietary preferences represented throughout the weeks




Go into your workouts with confidence knowing your program was curated by DLD Lead Programmers that adhere to eveidence-based guidelines for volume, exercise selection, and intensities for results!



No commitments, cancel any time. 

Inside the App



Example Workouts

Q: What are the split options?

A: There are 16 options to choose from:

  1. Body weight only - 4 day split
  2. Band only - 4 day split
  3. Band only - 5 day split
  4. Dumbbell only - 3 day split
  5. Dumbbell only - 4 day split
  6. Dumbbell only - 5 day split
  7. Dumbbell/Cable - 4 day split
  8. Barbell/Dumbbell - 3 day split
  9. Barbell/Dumbbell - 4 day split
  10. Barbell/Dumbbell - 5 day split
  11. Full Gym - 3 day split
  12. Full Gym - 4 day split
  13. Full Gym - 5 day split
  14. Pregnancy - Gym - 3 day split


    Pregnancy - Dumbbell/Band - 3 day split


    Pregnancy - Barbell/Dumbbell/Band - 4 day split


    Pregnancy - Gym - 4 day split


    Pregnancy - Dumbbell/Band - 4 day split


    Pregnancy - Barbell/Dumbbell/Cable/Band - 4 day split

Q: How often do the workouts change?

A: You will receive a new workout split every four weeks, allowing for enough time to achieve progressive overload.

Q: Can I change the split I'm on if I need to?

A: Yes. We have a support email that you can message for a split change at anytime.

Q: Can I do these at home?

A: Yes, nine of the splits were created based off of common at-home equipment. Additionally, we have a body weight only split that can be done anywhere.

Q: Are these safe for someone who is pregnant?

A: The three pregnancy splits are programmed to progress in a way that is completely safe for pregnant women throughout their entire pregnancy.

Q: Do I have to eat the entire recipe menu every week?

A: You can choose to eat the entire menu or pick out the recipes that sound best. These are meant to be inspirational meals that are whole food based yet still fun and exciting for along your journey.

Q: How will I get the recipes?

A: The recipes will be sent directly to your email every Friday.

Q: Do the recipes take dietary preferences into consideration?

A: Yes, throughout the weeks all dietary preferences are represented.