Let's change the fitness industry together.

The DLDNation Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Specialization will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to deliver incredible client results and level up your coaching business.


We created the DLDNation OFNC Certification with one goal in mind:

To make you the best coach you can be.

We have helped over 3,000 clients transform their lives by sharing everything we know and creating personalized plans for their lifestyle...

Now, we want to empower YOU to step into your true potential, believe in yourself more, and make your impact on this world greater than you ever imagined!

You will learn firsthand from Registered Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Pain performance Specialists, Rehab Specialists, RNs, Physician’s Assistants, Functional Movement Systems Specialist, Perinatal Certified Coaches, ⁣and more!

Getting a DLDNation OFNC Certification will provide you with a knowledge base that far exceeds traditional CPT or Nutrition Coaching Certifications.

You will walk away feeling confident and prepared to coach online, having the ability to give your clients the results they are looking for and help them transform their lives forever.





We stand for education, empowerment, and inclusivity! Our mission is to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself within our incredible community. Join us!

I want to help you become the educated, certified, and competent coach that you've always wanted to become and CHANGE LIVES!


You Will Receive:

The 3-month course online (self-guided at your own pace) + a final completion exam.

Weekly support calls with four DLDNation, OFNC coaches.

Knowledge checks and case studies for practice throughout the entire course.

A Certification of completion in the Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Specialization!!


You'll Learn:

The course will cover 24 chapters regarding nutrition science, fitness knowledge, mindset, and practical application.

The areas of focus are -


  • Nutrition + Macros
  • Hormones + Labs + Biofeedback
  • Fitness + Recovery
  • Client Assessments, Check-Ins + Protocol Adjustments
  • Client Delivery + Education + Deliverables
  • Creating A Community
  • Coach Self Care



Fitness and nutrition coaching taught by real coaches with 40+ years of combined experience and knowledge.

Hey everyone, you can call me Maddy! I grew up playing sports but really started taking interest in the gym at 17 years old after watching my mom go through an incredible weight loss and fitness journey. I went to the University of Rhode Island to study human development and family studies and had always imagined a future working with children and families. However, right after graduating college my love and passion for fitness and health overpowered my plans for the future. With encouragement from my family I decided to get my NASM CPT and officially become a personal trainer!

Hey y’all, I'm Madison! I found my love for health and fitness while in college studying Exercise Science. I initially graduated wanting to go on to further my education in Physical Therapy, so I starting working as a Rehabilitation Specialist in Chiropractic. Working one on one with clients in that practice, I began to write training programs for clients graduating from their rehab programs. Moving clients on from corrective exercise to training suddenly became my favorite part of the job, and soon turned into my career as a personal trainer and online coach!

CPT, PPSC, B.S. Athletic Training, B.S. Exercise Science
Hi guys! My name is Kyndle. I was a competitive gymnast for many years of my life. My senior year of high school I sustained a career ending injury. This injury, my rehab, and follow up care is actually what sparked my interest in becoming an athletic trainer. I have always been passionate about health and wellness and have worked in many facets of health care ranging from CNA to athletic trainer working alongside athletes and in orthopedics. I am Passionate about helping women feel powerful, strong, sexy and live the life that they DESERVE to live.

Hey there, I'm Amanda! When it comes to women’s health, I know it can take years to find answers. My goal is to create a relationship with my clients based on trust and evidence-based guidance, completely free of fad diets and gimmicks. I’m here to help women better understand how their hormones, blood sugar, and gut health are all linked together. As a Registered Dietitian, I provide individualized coaching backed by science to help clients reach their health & fitness goals in a healthy and sustainable way.
Hey DLDNation, my name is Thea! I am a dietitian and personal trainer who is in LOVE with the world of wellness. As a kid I did short distance track and dance which began my love of being active. Once I got into fitness there was a natural progression into this intense passion for nutrition and proper ‘fueling’ of the body. Working with clients to help them reach their wellness milestones is a huge passion of mine. I love seeing my clients off scale victories that were fueled by a well balanced eating regime!
Hello friends, I'm Gianna! I found my love for nutrition and fitness after being diagnosed with PCOS at 15 and learning how nutrition could affect my symptoms. Now as a RD I love helping others create sustainable nutrition and fitness habits that will last them a lifetime! My coaching philosophy is backed by the belief that we are all unique, is rooted in evidenced based recommendations, and my favorite phrase "we work food into your life, not your life around food".


"OFNC Completely changed my understanding of nutrition and coaching as a whole. For a long time, I had focused purely on the training side of things and let nutrition fall by the wayside. After the course, I feel infinitely better about having clients put their trust in me. From a comprehensive nutrition breakdown, as well as a fantastic coverage of general fitness, all the way to an awesome breakdown of the systems of the body, OFNC really rewrote MY book on how I will approach fitness and nutrition, not only in my clients lives, but in mine as well. "

– Andrew E.

"Loving the accountability and support! My life has been so hectic lately so it's been hard to set aside as much time as I want, but the support group and reminder emails are super helpful for motivating me to stay on track, even when I feel like I have no time. And of course ALLLL the knowledge 🤩"

– Name

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Q: Who is this certification for?


A: Anyone who is a true novice, intermediate or advanced coach in the online space looking to advance their knowledge base, skill set and deliver an exceptional client experience.


Q: Do I have to tell my clients that these are DLDNation workouts?


A: Nope! You can if you'd like to cite the programmers you're using because of their high qualifications, which could be great marketing for your company. However, the workouts belong to YOU as soon as you receive them and you don't have to give DLD any credit.


Q: What if I as the coach I don't totally understand Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE) or Reps in Reserve (RIR)?


A: Don't worry, we'll provide free educational resources on this so you understand the importance and can also help support your client's understanding and learning.


Q: What if I don't know how to input programs into Trainerize or create Master Programs?


A: We'll provide you with a FREE Loom training showing you exactly how to do this, how to assign programs to your clients, and how to make customizations for your clients.


Q: What if I like my clients to be on training blocks longer than every 4 weeks?


A: No problem at all, your clients can always be on any training block as long as you and the client desire! We will still continue to provide new workouts every 4 weeks for any clients you have on shorter blocks, and so that you can stay efficient and way ahead on programming delivery to your clients.



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