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Over 4,000 transformations and counting...
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Desperately ready to make a change but need it to fit your budget?

Tired of cheap programs that make big promises but don't deliver?

Always wanted a coach but don't want to pay an arm and a leg?


For years, we've been providing the best 1:1 online coaching services in the industry, helping over 4,000 humans transform their lives through health and fitness.


NOW we're breaking ground with a new, never before seen Group Coaching subscription to finally provide a program that has the evidence-based efficacy of an elite coaching service at less than half the cost of a cable bill, so that you can -


  • Live a sustainable, balanced, and enjoyable lifestyle
  • Have a clear and expertly guided path to reach your health goals
  • See all your hard work pay off



Custom Nutrition and Training Plan

  • Custom macros and calories calculated based on your personal goals
  • Weekly macro-friendly recipe menu curated by our Staff Recipe Developer and overseen by a Registered Dietitian
  • Access to our DLDNation Training app for fully individualized workouts (at-home and gym) based on your goals, schedule, available equipment, and lifting proficiency level

Community, Accountability + Support

  • Weekly Zoom Group Coaching call to ask your coach any questions you may have, adjust your protocols, and assess your progress
  • DLD Universal Community Facebook group for education, support, and connecting with others on the same journey
  • DLD Universal-Only email list for exclusive education materials created just for you

Educational Resources

  • Weekly Facebook Lives from a Universal coach sharing tips, tricks and education to best support you during your journey
  • The Official DLD Universal Handbook
  • Access to an exclusive online course containing 125+ fitness and nutrition resource modules including -

    • Macro Tracking Step-by-Step Guide
    • Grocery Lists + Food Selection Guidance
    • Resistance Training
    • Stretching Guides
    • How to Warm Up
    • Mobility Work
    • Core & Abs Training
    • Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors
    • and SO MUCH MORE!


We'll make health feel like an easy and effortless part of your lifestyle

  • We'll teach you what to eat to reach your goals and how to see consistent progress without giving up all your favorite foods.
  • You'll be able to eat carbs and desserts every week as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle!
  • You'll workout in a fun, challenging, and engaging way as little as 3 times per week and still lose weight, gain muscle, and see results.
  • A coach will review your form and provide proper technique to support your progress.
  • You'll learn the true science behind health and fitness - busting all myths forever
  • We'll help you break down mental barriers and achieve the behavioral change necessary for lifelong transformation.

No commitments. Cancel anytime.


Fitness and nutrition coaching taught by real coaches who've helped transform over 4,000 lives



Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, RD, FNMS, HMCC

Start pouring into yourself as much as you pour into others

There's no better time to start working towards the health, body, and confidence you've been dreaming of.

With DLD Universal you'll be equipped with all of the tools you need to achieve your goals. Our month-to-month Group Coaching program provides unparalleled expert support at an unbeatable price. Sign up now to get started!


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No commitments. Cancel anytime.


Is there a minimum commitment? Do I get locked into a contract?


If you choose to subscribe monthly at $99/mo, there is no minimum commitment, no contract, and you can cancel at any time. If you choose to pay for the year in full to save yourself $300, your commitment will be one year.


Will I have access to real coaches if I have questions and need support?


Yes, in addition to a weekly group coaching zoom call with multiple DLD coaches, you have 24/6 access to coaches in the Universal Facebook group.


What if I can't make the group call one week, how can I get support?


Recordings will be made available to all members, and you'll have the option to submit questions beforehand and have our coaches answer them even if you can't make a call live.


Will my macros and workouts really be customized to ME?


Yes, upon signing up we'll collect information about you and one of our DLD Universal coaches will customize your macros and determine your best workout split (NOT a computer or automated system doing this, a live human will be managing all of your protocols).


How often do I get new workouts?


Your workout split will be updated every 4 weeks.


What if I need to request changes to my macros or I think they need an update down the line?


No problem, bring your questions to our group coaching call and we can work through protocol changes together.


What if I want the subscription for my workouts and meals, and the resources, but I'm not interested in the Zoom calls. Do I have to attend?

No, the group calls and FB community are just amazing bonuses in this offer. Participation is entirely optional and at your discretion.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to do DLD Universal?


No, you don't have to be on Facebook! Without a FB account you wouldn't have access to the community group, but you can still receive all other elements of this amazing offer.


Will I have a one:one coach assigned to me?


No, this is DLDNation's Group Coaching Subscription Offer. If you'd like to inquire about one:one coaching services that DLD offers, click here: https://dldnation.typeform.com/to/A3OmqJDN?typeform-source=admin.typeform.


What happens if I need to adjust my macros?


In your Universal Handbook we provide a self-checkin template for you to document information about your progress and biofeedback (along with education on everything so it makes sense). If you ever think your macros need to be adjusted, you present your information and your questions on either a Group Call, the Facebook group or on the Typeform for the group call and one of our Coaches will review the information and advise!

Can you get support on workout form?


Yes! You can share your videos in the Facebook group and Universal Coaches will give you feedback in the comments!


If you have any additional questions, send us an email at universal@dldnation.com

We make your goals our own

DLDNation has helped 4,000+ humans

achieve incredible results

"I first chose DLD nation from seeing what a strong women you are Dala. Felt like I was lacking in the strength and self love department. You created such a community and I came across your Instagram and it just radiated positivity and good vibes. It was not even a comparison for me. I knew DLD was gonna be what would get me where I needed and wanted to be. Never regret a single dollar or second spent. Sean, you keep me invested in DLD nation. I am about to hit my one year and I just first obviously love my training protocols and my workouts and the way everything comes in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to follow. You give out so much information and I’ll never be curious about anything because I know I can just ask. No matter what my questions always will be answered. I was just telling Sean earlier today that he’s like my life coach as well and he’s understood me throughout this whole process but he’s also pushed me. You can tell when people genuinely care about you and that’s definitely you two. Wouldn’t wanna ever be anywhere else."

"I learned far more than I ever anticipated from DLD. From macros / nutrition, to structuring an effective workout, to making fitness fit into my life, to mindset... I could write a novel. My two biggest takeaways: 1 - Embrace the journey: it’s a process and it doesn’t always go as planned. Keep it simple & don’t overthink it. You’ll get further by working with your body than trying to fight against it. 2 - You can’t change something unless you acknowledge it and are willing to change. If you understand why, it’s easier to accept and address. Unless you change what you’re doing, your result will remain the same."

"I know my main goal was to lose weight and I think that i've been very successful with that thus far! Coming up on almost 11 months working with you and I can’t believe how far we’ve come! I’m ready for the next stage in my fitness journey though. I want to build muscle and get stronger and grow some size! I think my lifts will start feeling better and I’ll start to love my body even more seeing what it’s capable of accomplishing!"

"For the longest time I obsessed over losing weight and that carbs were my enemy. I even went to a weight loss clinic, lost weight but gained right back because it was an unrealistic way of losing weight. Madison has not only taught me the propoer way of losing weight, but how to maintain and most importantly, to see amazing results I need to eat carbs. I am not only physically strong, I am mentally strong and love the way I look. I cannot thank Madison and the DLD team enough for all the support and knowledhe they have provided me over the last year!!"

“Before DLD, I was doing non-stop cardio everyday, trying to eat 1200 or less and never touched a weight over 5lbs. it wasn't until after I started training with Dala and sean that I realized I can actually eat bread and lose weight 😂 but seriously- they changed my life.
I am FINALLY at a place where I am so happy and healthy with my body, not killing myself on the treadmill everyday for an hour, am eating more than TWICE the amount I used to, and actually getting more leaner and the most toned i've ever been in my life. thank you so much DLD for not only showing me and helping me become the happiest i've ever been with my body, but also with my mentality and confidence!! best decision i've ever made was investing my time and trust in DLD nation!”

"I began following Dala on Instagram in the summer of 2017. I already had committed to an online coaching program for a year. But I stayed following her because I loved her content & body positivity. I gave birth in August of 2018 & I knew that I needed someone to structure my workouts. I had a good idea of weight training and lifting basics and a general understanding of macros. But I didn’t know how to structure my workouts or set macros for my current training on top of breastfeeding. I also had a poor relationship with food. Had destroyed my hormones and metabolism from extreme dieting in the past. I was generally unhappy and lacked self-confidence. I did not feel comfortable in my body. I stayed following Dala and was totally in love with all of her clients’ testimonials and transformations and her knowledge! One particular point that really triggered me to reach out to Dala was watching her train with another equally gorgeous gal and lift that other chic up. It is rare to find gorgeous women supporting each other like she did. I knew I wanted to work with her. I began dialogue with her in the fall of 2018. I then began paying in advance for full coaching services to start in January of 2019. I wanted to put on muscle but lose baby weight. I wanted to be strong and healthy for my daughter.⁣

Right off the back Dala gave me more macros than I could dream of. She responded promptly to ALLLL of my questions, gave me honest feedback on videos. She set high standards which really pushed me. It was exciting seeing the scale move like it had never moved and to feel strong in the gym.⁣

My experience with Dala has been nothing short of amazing & life changing. Dala cares SOOOO much about human beings and wants nothing but success for everyone she encounters. She exemplifies what it means to leave someone’s day/life better because they met her. You cannot put a price on lifelong health, body confidence or self-love which is everything that I have gained during my time with Dala. One year in & as of now, I will remain a loyal client indefinitely. And I will never stop thanking her for everything she’s done in my life.⁣"

"I found Dala on Instagram while scrolling through different fitness profiles and she always seemed to be the realest. I had already strated going to the gym and had zero knowledge on what to do and zero confidence as well. My husband and I did a challenge in April of 2019 and I saw some results with tha and made the leap to join the team in June and really change my life. I was pushing 190 pounds, had constant hormonal issues and hated my body. I honeslty thought that I would never look the way I did when I was in my ealy 20's. But still made a goal to have the best body of my life by 30. Flash forward to now and I have a healthy relationship with food, I never get migraines before my period anymore, and I never tug on my clothes in the mirror. I don't look at myself in disgust anymore. I am literally about to turn 30 and I have more muscle, more confidence, and more energy than ever before. I have no pans on stopping and I attribute Dala, Sean, and the entire DLD community to helping me along the way. I wanted my best body by 30 and we are well exceeding expectations. I still enjoy time with family and friends, if anything, my life has gotten easier and I'm so happy to have found this community!"

"I’ve been training with DLD for over a year now, and I can say without a doubt it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I actually met both of these incredible humans on a cruise ship where Dala and I geeked out about nursing 😆 at that time they hadn’t even started this amazing team!! I’ve watched them grow into this nation of bomb ass people and I’m so thankful to be apart of it. When I joined the team I didn’t love my body...I struggled with how petite I was and hated that I thought I couldn’t grow muscle. I felt like I was working out really hard but I wasn’t seeing any changes in my body. Dala provided me with SO much education and completely changed my relationship with food. I didn’t realize how much I was actually under eating-especially during my 12hr shifts. She also showed me what a work out should look like and how to truly push myself. Even when I’ve felt like giving up they were there to pick me up and get my butt back in gear. No matter what Dala and Sean are there being my hype people and encouraging me to reach my goals. I couldn’t put into words the love I have for Dala and Sean or that they have for their clients. I never thought it was possible for me to be as strong or to grow muscle the way I have. Not only have they helped me change and reach my goals physically, what they have done for me mentally is even bigger. They have helped me see that I am capable of so much more than I imagined. They taught me to be kind and to love myself. They have always been there for me through struggles in and outside of fitness. The KNOWLEDGE they provide you with about workouts and nutrition is unmatched. They have given me tools that I can use for the rest of my life to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dala and Sean are not just coaches, they truly become your friends and your biggest supporters. Grateful everyday for them and DLD nation. ❤️"

“Before joining DLD I was already an active person but I had no clue how to feed my body properly. Only after joining DLD did I realize that I was chronically undereating and that was possibly a reason I struggled to lose weight most of my life. I’ve been eating more food and losing weight consistently over 10 months with the guidance of my amazing coach and cheerleader Lauren (@thrivingwithlauren)! Lauren has helped me get a grip on all aspects of my health from nutrition, to water intake, to managing stress levels and sleep. Check-ins with my coach have helped me build a habit of setting goals for the upcoming week but also to reflect on the accomplishments of the previous week - and I’ve applied these habits to other aspects of my life like my academic career! Personalized coaching was the greatest investment I’ve made for myself! If I could change one thing it would be to sign up with DLD even sooner than I did!”

"This is so bittersweet for me! I'm so sad this is my last check in with you, but I am so happy and grateful for this expereince. And I'm so happy you were with me on my journey this last year. You have literally changed my life. No exaggeration. I can't even put into words what you've done for me and taught me. I've never expereinced this amount of self love and confidence in my life. I just can't thank you enough for helping me uncover that.

"Honestly the most important thing I have taken from DLD is not the weight loss or improved muscle tone, it’s the confidence I have gained. Prior to working with Stephanie, I despised taking pictures, and if I had them I would be terrified to look at them. Now when I see pictures of myself I am so proud to SEE how far I’ve come this past year. I am maintaining a healthy weight all while eating 2200 calories a day, which is insane to me. Thank you DLD and more importantly Steph in helping me develop these positive habits, and I plan to continue them from here on out!”

"Signing up for DLDNation has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I had been yo-yo dieting for years and my weight just kept inching up. I got to the point where I had pretty much given up. Within the first couple weeks of working with Spencer I had a completely different mindset. For the first time in as long as I could remember I felt a sense of control and positivity about my mental and physical health. I've already seen huge changes in my physique and the mental changes are just a big. I feel so much better mentally and physically. I've learned so much from him about nutrition and exercise and I decided to extend because I feel like I still have a lot to learn from him. I'm super excited to see what else we are able to accomplish!"

"With the help of Stephanie and DLD I've been focusing on my fitness journey for an entire year now! My goal when I first started was to lose 10lbs, little did I know a year later I'd be down +40lbs and living a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle. The investment in my fitness has truly paid off in all areas of my life and has pushed me to my full potential. I'd really recommend the DLD program to anyone who wants to achieve lasting results from beyond knowledgeable coaches. My fitness level is at it's “peak” and I was recently able to summit Mount Ellinor in Washington state (5,944ft)!"

"Someone at work [one] week asked me if I had gotten gastric bypass surgery. I was so taken aback by this. Thinking through that interaction had me reflecting on all the progress I've made and just how dang proud I am to be here. I feel like I'm not doing anything that is THAT difficult but the consistency and personal investment I've made in myself has proven to be SO worth it.”

“It’s worth noting that all these “before” photos are really “after” pics for me: AFTER being intentional about my health for 18+ months, AFTER going to the gym consistently for 18+ months, AFTER thinking all I needed to do to get the physique I wanted was hit the gym.

And those “after” photos on the right? That’s from only 8 months with @dldnation. 8 months of actually learning how to eat for the body I want while still hitting the gym, and getting there in less than half the time 💪

I should also mention I live in Los Angeles and barely had access to a gym for majority of these 8 months. If this is what I can do with a figurative hand tied behind my back, what can YOU do⁉️”


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