Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Specialization

Our Mission:

To bridge the gap between textbook studies and real life coaching application. Throughout the course, our members will see constant connections between the scientific materials and how they actually relate to their client’s health and goals including:

  • - What to look for in a check-in
  • - How a client's biofeedback will present and be impacted
  • - Red flags and what to do about them
  • - How to provide education and feedback based on the most common client questions
  • - A plethora of client examples that our members will get to work through to apply the science they learned

Our members will learn the nutrition science, fitness knowledge and coaching application necessary to create appropriate protocols!

You will have access to:

- 3 month course with 24 chapters featuring: Fitness, Nutrition, Coaching Application and Mentorship

- 100% online course - self guided and go at your own pace

- Weekly support calls twice a week with our OFNC Coaches

- Facebook support group with all of the OFNC members

- Practice quizzes / Case Studies throughout

- Final Exam

Who is this for?

Anyone who is a true novice, intermediate, or advanced coach in the online space looking to advance their knowledge base, skill set and deliver exceptional client experience!

How can I join?

Apply via the link below for our second round of OFNC starting August 9th!